Our Sandwiches are truly fresh, homemade from scratch.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day:

On March 17th, We will be serving our Ultimate Homemade Rueben all day

The Ultimate Homemade Rueben is the first sandwich made with homemade-from-scratch, baked-to-order bread. That’s right! We bake the bread when you place your order with the best homemade corned beef that is gently cooked for 12 hours and sliced to order, Bavarian sauerkraut, & Swiss cheese. 1000 Island served on the side.

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Many sandwich shops spend all their time touting their sauces, vegetables, and breads. Then they serve you a sandwich with inferior quality, factory processed meats and salads that have expiration dates months later due to all of their preservatives. At Li’l Guys, we concentrate on the whole sandwich experience, starting with the most important part – our homemade meats and salads. We roast our own top quality meats – just like (or maybe better than) your mom or grandma. Then we sandwich those between the freshest vegetables, sauces, and breads. Read more...

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